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Intuitive Readers

Jennifer Lesleigh Watson - Thursdays and Fridays, 10 AM - 12 PM

My name is Jennifer Lesleigh Watson, owner of Watson Wellness Group, LLC. As an Intuitive Life Coach, we work together to create the life you want and deserve. Helping you to overcome challenges, gain hope and clarity.  Most often, clients are not aware of their own intuitive guidance as life's hustle and bustle tends to get in the way. Through helping to remove energy blockages, client sessions, plan and then action, Watson Wellness Group seeks to help the client to develop their own intuition through what I call Second Sight Awareness- living life through the lens of their own eyes and feelings. Watson Wellness specializes in utilizing professional coaching techniques that aid the client towards this awareness by focusing on the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental parts of the human psyche. This is proven within the realm of holistic health and human guidance to be the most effective method to help with motivation, overcoming challenges and living life with no limits.


In our sessions together, I use various divination tools such as oracle cards, pendulums, and crystals. I channel Source to read deeper into your situation so that you will feel refreshed and energized after our session together.


I have a Bachelors from Spelman College in Psychology, Masters in Criminal Justice, Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and currently completing my PhD in Mind-Body Medicine with a specialization in Integrative & Functioning Nutrition. From the age of 13, I began channeling Source but did not realize what was happening until I was 19. I knew there was something else out there in the world, and I sought to find out. From there, I began doing readings for the past 10 years. (Episode #1- My Spiritual Journey speaks more to my spiritual background. Find it at Intuition, Wine and High Vibin' on Google Play- or Sound Cloud- I am A mother. A wife, A daughter, A sister and the list goes on. Though those are my labels, they are not my limitation...

I am an amateur genealogist and I love to cook yummy nutritious food. As a huge The Walking Dead fan, you can catch me watching it faithfully every Sunday night! I have always been fond of gems and crystals since I was a little girl. And I love to be active outside when I don't feel like being lazy...I am a spiritual person who loves to meditate and truly believes that the ultimate ENERGY is LOVE. I practice self-love and loving others everyday and I will hold you accountable to the same.

Now that you know a little about me, let's take the next step together.​ I want you, to become your BEST you!


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